Make Your Job Easy on Yourself!

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  • This is what works for me.
  • Use whatever works for you.
DRY Applies to using tools, too!

- Paul Irish

Source: Javascript Development Workflow of 2013 (Video)

Anything that's tedious is repeatable; anything that's repeatable should be done by a computer.
-Robert Muller?

(I don't know. Found it on the internets)

My Daily Workflow

Some of my Aliases

What do you do if an urgent issue comes up that is unrelated to what you are working on?

Be ready and able to
Switch Contexts Quickly

  • Use editor keyboard shortcuts to:
    • search for files quickly
    • search for text quickly
  • Use Aliases/Batch files to:
    • jump to frequently used directories
    • build, test, run complex projects

For example, a calc issue comes up but i am working on min.

  1. Command + p to open file search (I always have every spida project open)
  2. Make a change.
  3. Use terminal aliases to Build, Test, and Run calc
  4. I type "pm" at terminal and get back to work

Pick tools that can move quickly with you:

  • For you, an IDE might make you faster.
  • For me, a terminal & a text editor allow me to switch contexts quicker than any IDE I have tried.

First, try existing tools.

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Live Reload

A happy land where browsers don't need a Refresh button

Waits for file changes and then:
  • if css or image changes, only the resource is reloaded
  • if html changes, the browser refreshes
  • preprocesses LESS, CoffeeScript, and more...

(In chrome extension settings, check "Allow access to file URLs")



Places I Find Tools

Or, Create your own Tools

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Don't repeat yourself. Automate yourself.

If it sucks, automate the suck out of it.

Make Browser Extensions


so many spida links...


DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (this enters my time for me)

window.alert = function() {}; //disable alert
$("#task").val("8a8b8f3525459ded01254685162c0025");//404 - Development

var dayCount = 0;
var currentDate = getPrevMondayDate();

var inter = setInterval(function(){
  currentDate.setDate(currentDate.getDate() + 1);

Full Source bookmarklet-tr.js

Learn something new.

Full Source clogs

If you make your job easier, you make everybody's job easier

  • Share Scripts & Config
    • any os: Groovy, Ruby, Maven, Ant
    • *nix: dot files, bash scripts
    • win: bat files, autohotkey files
  • Why did I make this stupid presentation?
    • Step 1: Make each other faster.
    • Step 2: ?
    • Step 3: Profit!!!

What I have learned about Chrome Dev Tools


  • Enable Developer Tools experiments in chrome://flags
  • Some of this applies to other browsers as well

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  • Last 5 Inspected Items:
    $0, $1, $2, $3, $4
  • Selector Without Jquery:
  • Put text or html on the clipboard
    copy("really long string"); copy($$('#aDiv'));
  • Monitor Events in Realtime at an Element:
  • monitorEvents($$('#aDiv'));
  • Autocomplete is helpful for reference & quick tests.


  • Time Stuff
  • console.time("slowThing1");
  • Interactive Logging:
    console.log("thing = %o",window.location);
  • Styled Logging:
    console.log("%cYAY!", "color: pink; font-size:300px;");
  • Grouping:"section 1");
    console.log("in group");
    console.log("out of group");
  • Shocking, not all browser handle the console in the same way. Paul Irish to the rescue. log() – A lightweight wrapper for console.log


  • Drag & Delete Nodes
  • Command/Ctrl + z to Undo
  • Color Picker
  • Autocomplete CSS and JS



  • Breakpoints
  • Watch
  • Events


  • Speed
  • Memory


  • Log XHR
  • Preserve the Log
  • Change Frame Context
  • Change Page Context
  • Cog Wheel
  • Source Maps (More Info)

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